March 16, 2019

As published by Reliance Home Comfortbelow are a few of the benefits of a upgrading to a  Smart Thermostat:

“First, these thermostats are incredibly easy to use. They are programmed through an app and can be controlled remotely with your smartphone or tablet. You can turn the temperature up or down, from anywhere, anytime.

Next, these thermostats can automatically program themselves. It can learn your temperature preferences and establish a schedule that can adjust to the most efficient, energy-saving settings based on your usage patterns and lifestyle. Features such as “geo-fencing”, allows the thermostat to automatically turn down the temperature when you leave your home for the day, and turn it up as you are on your way back to help ensure you arrive to a comfortable temperature.

Smart Thermostats also help keep your energy costs in check. Through the app, you can review your energy usage and get personalized recommendations on how to help save on energy costs.

Finally, these thermostats can be integrated into other smart home products. Adding a Smart Thermostat to your connect home can help you to improve your overall home comfort experience.”

To learn more about making the switch to a smart thermostat please visit Benefits Of A Smart Thermostat.

This article originally appeared in our March 2019 Newsletter.

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