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Investment Properties

  • 4.4M Canadians own an investment property. 32% of these own two or more rental properties
  • 15% of Canadians don’t own their primary residence - most are 18-34 years of age.

Want to be a Real Estate Investor?

The federal government is proposing to create a new Canadian Renters’ Bill of Rights which would have landlords disclose their properties’ rental

price history to prospective tenants.

There were 53,000 unresolved cases at the Ontario Landlord Tenant Board (LTB) as of March 2023 — impacting at least one million Ontarians. The

majority of the cases were brought by landlords who have not been paid rent owed.

This may be one reason why fewer people want to become landlords hence a reason why Canada's overall vacancy rate fell to a new low of 1.5 per

cent last year.

Over 50% percent of the Realtors on our Team are seasoned landlords. Whether you're considering renting or stepping into the role of a landlord, our

Team offers decades of invaluable experience to guide you through the process. And yes, we've got our fair share of horror stories to share too, all

with a touch of humor! See our contact information below.

Real Estate Sales Nationwide (based on MLS)

2021 - 666K sales

2022 - 498K sales

2023 - 495K sales

2024 - 546k sales (forecast)

Numbers are “nice to know”. Want some numbers about your own personal home/investment? Contact us and we will fine tune your numbers and

put them in context for you.

The Tax Man Cometh

It is the time of year when a lot of folks want to know the value of their home to calculate their net worth. We are glad to help. Just send us an email

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David Weir BA, CD


As we celebrate 100 years since the creation of the Royal Canadian Air Force, here is a list of popular architectural styles of homes in Canada by decade over the past century:

  1. 1910s-1920s: Edwardian and Craftsman: Edwardian-style homes, characterized by their symmetrical facades, steeply pitched roofs, and decorative details, were popular in the early 20th century. Craftsman-style homes, influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, featured low-pitched roofs, exposed rafters, and natural materials such as wood and stone.
  2. 1930s-1940s: Tudor Revival and Colonial Revival: Tudor Revival homes, inspired by medieval English architecture, feature half-timbering, steeply pitched roofs, and decorative brickwork. Colonial Revival homes, influenced by traditional American colonial architecture, feature symmetrical facades, gable roofs, and multipane windows.
  3. 1950s-1960s: Mid-Century Modern and Ranch: Mid-Century Modern homes, characterized by their clean lines, open floor plans, and integration with nature, became popular in the post-war era. Ranch-style homes, with their single-story layout, low-pitched roofs, and wide overhanging eaves, were also prevalent during this time, particularly in suburban developments.
  4. 1970s-1980s: Split-Level and Contemporary: Split-level homes, featuring multiple levels staggered along the slope of the land, were popular in the 1970s and offered a variation on the traditional ranch-style home. Contemporary-style homes are characterized by their geometric shapes, flat or low-pitched roofs, and large expanses of glass.
  5. 1990s-2000s: Neo-Eclectic and Neo-Colonial: In the 1990s and early 2000s, Neo-Eclectic homes, which combine elements of various architectural styles, became popular, reflecting a trend towards customization and individuality. Neo-Colonial homes, are inspired by traditional colonial architecture but were updated for modern living,
  6. 2010s-Present: Modern Farmhouse and Contemporary: In recent years, Modern Farmhouse-style homes have surged in popularity, blending the charm of traditional farmhouse architecture with modern amenities and open floor plans. Contemporary-style homes continue to be popular, with a focus on clean lines, minimalism, and sustainable design principles.


Whether it’s your first time buying a home or your hundredth, when viewing a property for sale, it's essential to approach the process with thoroughness and attention to detail to ensure you make an informed decision.

Here are some key things to remember to do while viewing a property:

  1. Take Notes: Bring a notepad or use your phone to take notes during the viewing. Record important details about the property, such as room sizes, features, and any areas that require attention or further inspection.
  2. Inspect the Exterior: Start by examining the exterior of the property, including the landscaping, roof, siding, windows, and any outdoor amenities such as a patio or deck. Look for signs of damage or maintenance issues that may need to be addressed.
  3. Evaluate the Neighbourhood: Take the time to explore the neighbourhood surrounding the property. Consider factors such as proximity to schools, parks, shops, public transportation, and other amenities that are important to you.
  4. Check the Interior: Once inside the property, carefully inspect each room, paying close attention to the layout, condition of walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and windows. Open cabinets and closets to assess storage space and functionality.
  5. Test Appliances and Fixtures: Test all appliances, fixtures, and mechanical systems in the property to ensure they are in good working order. Turn on lights, faucets, and heating/cooling systems, and check for any signs of leaks, malfunctions, or unusual noises.
  6. Assess Safety and Security: Evaluate the safety and security features of the property, such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, locks on doors and windows, and outdoor lighting. Consider factors such as neighbourhood crime rates and proximity to emergency services.
  7. Visualize Your Lifestyle: Imagine yourself living in the property and consider how well it suits your lifestyle and needs. Visualize how you would arrange furniture, utilize the space, and whether the property meets your long-term goals and preferences.
  8. Ask Questions: Don't hesitate to ask your Realtor® any questions you may have about the property, neighbourhood, or the home buying process. Clarify any concerns or uncertainties to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.
  9. Take Photos and Videos: Take photos and videos of the property during the viewing to help you remember key features and details later on. Be sure to ask for permission from the seller before taking any photos or videos.
  10. Get a Feel for the Atmosphere: Pay attention to the overall atmosphere and vibe of the property. Consider factors such as natural light, airflow, and the overall ambiance to determine whether the property feels like a comfortable and inviting place to call home.


It’s incredible how quickly people form first impressions. According to some studies, people can

develop lasting opinions within seconds of seeing someone, something, or someplace new.

That’s why, when preparing your property for sale, it’s important to do everything you can to make sure it looks attractive to buyers.

Nowhere does this first impression phenomenon play out more than when a buyer first enters your home. The moment they walk through your front door,

they’ll look around, take in the scene and form an impression.

Ideally, you want that crucial first impression to be, “Wow. This place looks great! I can hardly wait to check out the rest of this home.”

So how do you ensure that happens?

One way is to play the role of a buyer yourself. Walk through your front door as if you’ve never been inside your home before. Pretend you’re a buyer and look

around. What do you see? What impresses you most from that perspective? What do you notice that concerns you?

Pay attention to anything distracting: walls in need of painting, cluttered furniture arrangements, too much or too little lighting. This exercise will give you

immediate ideas for improving — or Home Staging, as it’s called in real estate — the view from the front door foyer. For example, you might discover that a

weekend painting project along with some decluttering, would make a big difference in how your home looks from this vantage point.

Typically, it doesn’t take much work to make these types of changes and improvements. But, when you do, your home is likely to look more impressive to

buyers as they walk through your front door. That’s an impression that’s likely to linger as they view the rest of your property.

  • The Canadian Forces operate out of 27 Canadian Forces Bases (CFB) across the country.

  • The RCAF traces its history to the Canadian Air Force, which was formed in 1920. The Canadian Air Force was granted royal sanction in 1924 by King George V to form the Royal Canadian Air Force.

  • The Canadian Air Force has served in the Second World War, the Korean War, the Persian Gulf War, as well as several United Nations peacekeeping missions and NATO operations.


Celebrate the 100 years of the RCAF! We are giving away 50 tickets to the Quinte International Airshow being held during the last weekend of June 2024.


Throw your hat in a draw for a pair of tickets to see the Belleville Sens AHL Hockey Team.


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