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  3. Predicting Your Future Housing Needs
  4. The Inspection Ready Home
  5. Summer Home Maintenance Checklist
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During this trying time, it’s not surprising that so many homeowners are anxious and exhausted. Perhaps you’ve been feeling the same way. If so, keep in mind that the COVID-19 outbreak will eventually wind down and, hopefully, things will be back to normal soon. We’re all in this together - and we’ll get through it!

As you probably already know, a key to getting through challenges like this one is to remember to reach out for help when you need it. That’s why I’ve been making myself fully available to those who have real estate questions or need advice and help. In that vein, Team Weir has once again partnered with MoveSnap, an online concierge service that provides a knowledgeable representative to also help you with a multitude of tasks once your house is sold … such as cancelling or transferring utilities, changing addresses, and much more.

We’re now active on Instagram and are committed to using this platform to also support local businesses. Once we hit 300 followers, we will draw another name for a $50 gift certificate to a local business of their choice. Buying local in these times is even more important.  Want to follow us but don’t live locally?  We will donate the monies to a charity of your choice!  

David Weir

Team Weir members are available to complete a no cost - no obligation market evaluation if you are considering selling your home.


As a real estate professional, I have access to the latest data and information, and can give you a clear picture of what’s going on in the local real estate scene. I can offer you some clarity, which is so important in a time of so much uncertainty.

Realtors ® were deemed an essential service provider by the Provincial government and, as such, we have continued to assist those who need to buy or sell real estate. For example, some people had already bought a home and needed to sell the one they are presently occupying. Also, some families are forced to relocate due to work requirements, whether leaving or coming to the Quinte region.  These are but a couple of situations in which someone might ‘have to’ buy or sell, regardless of the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in today.

The number of sales and listings is certainly down recently. April 2020 saw a 21% drop in listings in Quinte vs April 2019.  However, the average sale price in Quinte was actually up 5% in April 2020 vs 2019.  The lack of supply certainly helps with the price increases. And, as a result, our Team continues to sell homes in multiple offer situations or, in many cases, within two weeks or less.   

So, please, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions about the market or about your options today. Weir here to help!


What will your housing needs be in three to five years? If you can figure that out, you can watch the market, target areas and neighbourhoods you might like to live in, and reap the benefits of planning ahead.

To begin the process, start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What will my family look like in three to five years? Will there be a new addition (or two) to your family? Will you have kids that are grown up and about to move out? What is the possibility that an elderly relative (Mom, Dad or grandparent) will be living with you?

  • What will change regarding work and school? Will a teenager be off to college? Will you or your spouse be retired? Will someone in your household be starting a home business?

  • How will your lifestyle be different? Will you take up a hobby that you’d like to be able to reach easily (such as golf)? Do you see yourself wanting to live closer to shopping, theatre, walks in the woods, etc.? Will you eventually be traveling more often and, therefore, not be at home as much?

  • How is the neighbourhood changing? Where is it heading relative to your future needs in terms of residents, noise, sense of community, local developments, etc.? Do you see yourself wanting to live in a quieter community, or a more urban centre?

  • Will the type of home you need change? In three to five years, can you see yourself wanting a larger home? Smaller home? More bedrooms? Larger kitchen?

  • What are your dreams? Do you dream of living in a particular area or neighbourhood? Would you love to have a big backyard with a garden someday? Do you sometimes think, “It would be great to have a wooded park with walking trails just a few minutes away.”

By looking three to five years into the future, you will be able to predict your housing needs and make plans - today - to ensure you get what you want in the future.


According to Pillar To Post Home Inspectors, an inspection-ready home presents itself best for evaluation and helps the entire process go more smoothly. Pillar To Post Home Inspectors recommends sellers take these steps prior to the home inspection:


  • Provide keys to any locked areas.
  • Allow access to the attic, basement or crawlspace, garage and yard.
  • Make sure our inspector will be able to readily access:

The electrical panel

Main water shutoff

Water heater


Central AC unit

Gas meter


  • Sellers should plan to be away from the home for the duration of the inspection, which is typically 2-1/2 to 3 hours. It may take longer if the home is very old or very large.
  • Store small valuables and medications out of sight and in a safe location or consider taking these items with them when they leave.
  • Remove pets or keep them safely crated.
  • Provide copies of records/warranties for any major improvements – furnace, roof, etc. to show when the work was completed.


As recommended by Tarion, the below is an easy to follow summer home maintenance checklist.


  • Check air conditioning to see if properly functioning
  • Check condition of roof shingles, flashing and chimney caps are sealed properly
  • Check sheds for wear and tear or damages
  • Check garage and garage door tracks for deterioration and lubricate bearings
  • Check sealing around windows and doors for air or water leaks
  • Test septic system and clean if necessary
  • Fertilize lawn
  • Inspect water heater for leaks
  • Check and reset ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)
  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors


  • Air out damp basements on dry, sunny days
  • Clean air conditioner
  • Check or clean exhaust fans
  • Check water heater for leaks
  • Check and reset ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)
  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors


  • Clean or replace air conditioner filter
  • Air out damp basements on dry, sunny days
  • Inspect driveways and walks for chipping or cracks
  • Inspect doors and locks for proper closure and locking
  • Check and reset ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)
  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors


  1. Only 3 Percent of the Earth’s Water is Fresh Water
  2. Over 68 Percent of Fresh Water on Earth is Trapped in Glaciers
  3. Water Regulates the Earth’s Temperature
  4. The Human Brain is 75 Percent Water
  5. A Person Can Only Live About a Week Without Water
  6. More than 25 Percent of Bottled Water Comes from a Municipal Water Supply

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