January 31, 2019

As published by CBC, tolls on Highway 407 will be be going up this week.

“Drivers who use Highway 407 will be paying higher fees starting Feb. 1.

Tolls on the highway will climb by as much as 14 per cent when the new fees go into effect.

The largest change will hit drivers who commute during the afternoon rush on the section between Highway 427 and Highway 404, where fees are the highest.

Driving eastbound on that stretch, known as Zone 3, between 3:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. will now cost 57.6 cents per kilometre, up from 50.6 cents.

Zone 3 eastbound morning tolls have also gone up by 13 per cent, from 46.2 cents to 52.3 cents per kilometre.

Fees in other sections of the highway, which runs from Burlington to Pickering, have gone up nine to 13 per cent during peak travel times.”

To view this article in it’s entirety and to see the new fee chart please visit Tolls on Highway 407 are going up this week.

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