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Water Quality In The Home

September 24, 2019 Are you concerned about the water quality in your home or a home you are considering purchasing? The below article, published by Pillar To Post Home Inspectors informs home owners  on how to ensure your water is safe. “Municipal water systems are required to test and monitor drinking water supplies to ensure safe and good-tasting water. But what happens once that water has been piped into towns, neighborhoods, and homes? Older homes may still have service lines made of lead going into the home, which can cause lead to leach into the water. The local water supplier should be
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Have You Gone Noseblind?

February 19, 2019 Noseblindness is actually a thing. According to Dr. Richard Doty, the director of the Smell and Taste Center at the University of Pennsylvania, “You adapt to the smells around you.” It’s why you return from holidays and suddenly realize you need to open the windows – because when you’ve been away from your home, your nasal senses “reset” and you are smelling your home anew, just like a potential buyer might when entering your home for the first time. Whether it’s pet odours, shoes, sports equipment, “Eau de Teenager,” or fridge and pantry items that have expired,
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Why Homeowners Should Beware of Icicles

Quinte’s freeze-thaw weather patterns often create sparkling icicles that look magical. But, they actually identify a dangerous — and potentially costly — hazard, an ice dam. Imagine coming home from work to find water streaming down your interior walls and soaking into the hardwood of your foyer. What would you do?   What Is An Ice Dam   After frantically tracing the flow, you would find that a pool of water had formed behind a thick ridge of ice in the gutters – hence the term ice dam. Snow on the roof had been melted by heat loss, causing water
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