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The first eight months of 2018 have continued to be a sellers market in the Quinte Region (Brighton, Trenton, Belleville, Prince Edward County).

While the time on market in Quinte may have increased, our prices remain strong … unlike some parts of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) where prices have slipped from 2017. The average sale price of a residential property in this real estate board has gone up approximately 10% in the last year.

Given the demographics, where the median age is getting higher, I foresee more GTA ‘baby boomers’ moving to the Quinte Region. Our real estate prices continue to be considerably less than the GTA and the lifestyle here is second to none.

If you would like more details on these stats and how they impact you, we are always available to discuss further.

2018 2017 %Change
Total # of Residential Listings in August 366 385 -4.9%
Total # of Residential Listings YTD 3495 3622 -3.5%
Total # of Residential Sales in August 252 253 -0.4%
Total # of Residential Sales YTD 2077 2649 -21.6%
Total Residential Sales Dollar Volume August $82,583,368 $71,926,057 14.8%
Total Residential Sales Dollar Volume YTD $685,516,799 $800,209,798 -14.3%

To all of our Real Estate clients, thank you for trusting us with your real estate needs again in 2018.

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What Does A Property Surveyor Do?

Property surveyors, sometimes referred to as land surveyors, play a vital role in the real estate world. They are the professionals who determine or confirm the exact boundaries of a property.

Will you need to deal with a property surveyor when you sell your home? You might.

Sometimes the mortgage lender will ask for a land survey, especially if your property is older and hasn’t changed hands in many years. You might also be asked for one by the buyer if there is any confusion about the size and boundaries of your property – or if significant changes have been made to it in recent years.

This is nothing to be concerned about.

A qualified Property Surveyor will do the appropriate inspections and measurements on your property and issue you the survey. (It looks a little like a blueprint.)

Property Surveyors are highly trained and licensed. Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) represents the profession nationally, and most provinces have their own professional associations.

Before spending the money on a new land survey, make sure you don’t already have one. Hopefully, you’ve stored the paperwork that relates to the purchase of your home. Look through it. A valid land survey might be right there.

If you have questions about land surveys, contact Team Weir.

Why You Should Sell Your Home In The Fall

We all know that the spring real estate market attracts buyers. But have you ever considered selling your home in the fall?

Below are four reasons, as published by Scott McGillivray, that fall may be the ideal time for you to put your home on the market.

  • A more serious buyer pool
  • Less competition
  • Different buyer demographics
  • More flexibility for improvements

Visit Why You Should Sell Your House in the Fall (and How to Prepare) for more information.

If you’re considering making a move this fall, contact Team Weir today.

How To Prepare For A Power Outage

15 years ago, in August, 2003, fifty million people from across Ontario and 8 U.S. States lost power.

Are you prepared for another power outage? Reliance Home Comfort has published a few helpful tips below to ensure that you are.

  • Keep away from downed or damaged electrical wires and report them to your hydro company.
  • Ensure you have a battery powered back up sump pump in case your electrical one shuts down.
  • Stock an emergency kit. Make sure your family has access to three days of basic supplies.
  • Avoid opening your refrigerator and freezer. Food can stay cold in a fridge for up to 4 hours and in a stocked freezer for up to 48 hours.

To view this article in its entirely and learn more about how to best prepare for a power outage visit 15 year blackout anniversary a reminder to plan ahead for power outages.

Buying A Home

Purchasing a home will likely be the largest single investment of your lifetime. When combined with the fact that buying a house is not an everyday affair, it is easy to understand why the process may be somewhat intimidating. Nonetheless, as Canadians, we generally view home ownership as a realistic goal to achieve, regardless of the hurdles. Of course, your first home may not be your dream home, but it can be a starting point from which to work forward.

To help educate you on the process of buying a home, Team Weir has developed a six part series covering everything from how to know if buying a home is the right decision to finalizing the purchase of your new home.

Please visit our Buyer Series and contact Team Weir to learn more.



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  • Bullfrogs do not sleep.
  • Alligators will give manatees the right of way if swimming near each other.
  • A snail can sleep for three years.
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